Paliare Roland new managing partner Emily Lawrence on how her generation is redefining leadership

“We have an active inclusion committee that focuses on inclusion over everything else so that people feel like they have a voice and a place to raise issues and where they can address complaints or concerns.”

In the last five years, Lawrence says the firm’s management has committed to DEI initiatives beyond “talking the talk” but by providing resources and time, acknowledging the stories of marginalized people, and working to create a more inclusive environment.

“We’ve been engaged in a significant amount of anti-racism and anti-oppression training. So not simply unconscious bias training, but grappling with power structures,” Lawrence says. “We’ve been engaging in training on anti-indigenous racism and LGBTQ and trans rights.”

Lawrence succeeds Robert Centa, who held the position since 2015 and was appointed as a superior court judge in May. She has substantial expertise in professional regulation, pension litigation, employment and labor law, constitutional litigation, civil disputes, and privacy matters.

In addition, Lawrence has appeared as counsel before numerous administrative law tribunals and is co-author of a book on administrative law practice with Justice Lorne Sossin.

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