No More 90210: Doug Ford promises Ont. insurance reform, calls for end to postal code pricing

Toronto, Ontario – During a press conference Thursday, June 30th, Ontario Premier Doug Ford suggested that insurance premiums predicated on postal codes may be coming to an end. The insurance industry’s practice of pricing based on location represents unfair gouging of consumers, according to Ford.

“I know we’re working on a plan for insurance companies, as far as I’m concerned, that’s totally unfair for the people of Brampton, of Scarborough–they’re going after these people based on their postal code,” said Ford .

This statement comes from a conference related to recent gas tax cuts implemented to help Ontario drivers. This focus on driver-friendly policies seems to be a staple of the Ford government. Ford has already implemented the removal of license plate renewal fees, and the tolls from some highways as well.

In the Ford government budget released in April, the Ontario PC party promised that insurance reforms would give Ontario residents more options when it comes to their car insurance. “Insurance companies are making tons of money and it’s coming out of the pockets of Ontarians. So, we’re going to be all over them,” said Ford.

For Ford, the proposed insurance reform comes down to an issue of fairness.

“They have to treat people fairly right across the board,” says Ford.

There is currently no timeline on when Ontarians could see a change in their insurance rates. However, at least with Ford focused on the issue, Ontario drivers can hope for a change.

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