How do you effectively manage inbound calls to your legal practice?

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Modern communication has grown to encompass a huge range of channels. But in a moment of panic or urgency, people still tend to pick up their phones and make a call. This is especially true in legal practices, where clients or potential clients call at all times with various questions and requests. Answering these inbound calls and responding in a timely manner is important to maintain strong bonds and build trust. 

Dealing with inbound calls

Answering calls during important meetings or while at court is not possible. Having a dedicated person to take calls and messages is the first step to effectively managing inbound calls. But unlike emails or messages, calls can’t be scaled. A person can only tend to one caller at a time. You can’t say how long a call might take. 

Simultaneously, 64% of callers will hang up if they don’t receive an answer within 5 minutes of calling a business. So your receptionists can either choose to rush a caller in order to reach the other callers before they hang up. Or they can remain on the call and potentially lose over half of the other callers to a competitor.

So how do you manage the calls your legal practice receives without compromising your clients (or exhausting your staff)? 

In this article, we’ll explore how to increase inbound calls and offer tips on how to strategically manage them. 

How do you increase inbound calls to your practice?

Make your number visible

To make it easier for clients to reach you, your phone number needs to be visible. 

That means making it visible at every point of contact:

  • On your website
  • On web directories such as Google, Bing and AppleMaps. 
  • On review websites.
  • On your social media channels. 
  • Your business cards.
  • Your
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