DealHQ Partners launches annual law essay competition

DealHQ Partners, a leading Africa-focused deal advisory and boutique commercial law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, has launched its annual Law Undergraduate Essay Competition. The second edition of the competition is aimed at stimulating discussions among young people on the latest trends in the firm’s areas of practice.

The competition is part of DealHQ Partners’ ongoing commitment to knowledge management through stakeholder engagements and productive conversations that lead to solutions, shape business practices, influence policy changes, and ultimately improve the performance of enterprises in its practice areas.

This year’s competition focuses on promoting research and policy advocacy among law undergraduates in Nigerian universities by providing a platform for students to participate in the economic and political transformation driven by forward-thinking and innovation, which are synonymous with youth.

The topic of this year’s competition is “Nigeria’s Climate Action Strategy: How Policy and Regulation will Enable Nigeria’s Journey to Achieve Sustainable Economic Development and its Proposed 2060 Net Zero Target”. This theme aims to deepen legal research into free trade policies in Africa among law undergraduates.

The competition is open to law students at levels 300-500 in Nigerian universities and runs from January 13th to February 24th, 2023. The Finalists stand to win cash money prizes as well as internship and mentorship opportunities with DealHQ Partners and its partner Institutions.

For more information about the essay competition and guidelines for submission, visit the link below dealhq-partners-law-undergraduate-essay-competition-2023/”

Note that: Strict adherence to submission guidelines is required, defective submissions will be disqualified.

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