Legal & General’s claim delays are adding to my trauma after brain surgery | Insurance

I am 35 with two young children. Seven months ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent emergency surgery. I made a claim on my Legal & General income protection policy as I was signed off work.

I have since undergone 33 sessions of radiotherapy, and two rounds of chemotherapy, all while trying to deal with Legal & General which is poor at replying to emails and providing updates. Every time my doctors provide requested information, it takes weeks to be assessed.

A small caveat is that, when I applied for the insurance six years ago, I ticked “no” to a question about whether I had received treatment or counselling for anxiety, depression or mental illness. I had, the previous year, received cognitive behaviour therapy for low mood, but did not think this applied.

I feel this, and the reason for my claim, are completely unrelated and that Legal & General is now trying to fish for a reason not to pay out.

My statutory sick pay ended last month, and I may be forced to return to work during treatment to pay the mortgage. Legal & General has now offered me £100 compensation for the delay, but implies a decision may still be weeks away.
CL, Witney, Oxfordshire

You have endured a horrifying few months and I’m so sorry. You are right. A course of CBT, which may seem a minor omission to you, is a major sticking point for an insurer. Mood swings can be an early sign of a brain tumour, but insurers have been known to have relied on completely unrelated conditions to avoid a payout. One reader was left over £30,000 out of pocket after being diagnosed with a kidney tumour while on holiday, because she’d failed to inform her insurer

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