Should professional drivers pay less for their personal car insurance?

Do any insurance companies [offer discounts to] professional drivers? If professional drivers are known to be the safest drivers on the roads, why don’t all insurance companies give us a break on insurance rates? I drive school buses and limos, and have a clean [driving record]. If we carry [more advanced classes of driving] licenses, should we not be rewarded for a clean driving record? We continually take courses on defensive driving, practice what we are taught and act defensively on the road. – Gerald, Middlesex, Ont.

This may come as a surprise, but being a professional driver likely won’t save you money on your personal car insurance anywhere in Canada. All drivers get discounts for keeping a clean driving record. What matters is how you drive, not how much training you have.

“No company that we’re aware of offers a discount if you have more than a G license [standard driver’s licence],” said Adam Mitchell, chief executive officer of Mitchell & Whale, a Whitby, Ont.-based insurance broker. “They’ll look instead at how long you’ve been driving without a [conviction] or at-fault accident.”

When it comes to your driving record, companies typically rate you based on how many driving convictions – for instance, speeding tickets – and at-fault collisions you’ve had in the past six years. But, depending on the insurance company, you may get even bigger discounts the longer you keep a clean record.

“There’s one company with literally a 25-year rating,” Mitchell said.

Unless your insurance policy forgives your first accident, a single at-fault accident could set your rating back to zero, he said.

But don’t professional drivers get extra training? While the rules vary by province, most training requirements are similar. The amount of extra training you need varies by the type or

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