Stuart Senator: The Different Areas of Practice in Law?

Like any profession, a simple one-word title like “lawyer” is highly generic. The fact is, every lawyer has a major area of practice. Within that focus are usually a few other areas of expertise.

What are the different major areas of practice in law? There are several major areas of focus for lawyers, each requiring a unique set of skills and expertise. Stuart Senator of Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP figured out his focus of complex business litigation in trial and appellate courts, and investigations led by the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. 

Some more popular areas include criminal law, international law, family law, contract law, intellectual property law, and many others. Of course, people then have a chance to go into smaller niches within these types of law to take their focus to the next level.

Criminal Law

A lawyer’s main role in criminal law is to represent their client’s interests in court proceedings related to allegations of crime or wrongdoing. This often involves collecting evidence and building a solid case on behalf of the client that demonstrates their innocence or lack of culpability in any criminal acts. 

Lawyers specializing in this area must have excellent communication skills as they will be required to effectively present their arguments and evidence both verbally and in writing to judges and juries. It can be stressful and long but finding ways to craft the best possible scenario for a client matters.

International Law

Another important area of focus for lawyers is international law, which involves the legal relationships between different countries and international organizations. In many cases, an attorney specializing in this field will work together with advocates from other countries to help resolve disputes or

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