‘In case I go missing’ binders keep going viral among true-crime fans, who advocate for storing DNA and personal information ‘just in case’

Examples of fingerprints.

TikTok videos featuring binders designed to store DNA, fingerprints, and other personal information have received millions of views.Getty Images, Douglas Sacha

  • A binder filled with DNA and personal details “in case I go missing” has gone viral on TikTok.

  • The idea originates from a popular true-crime podcast, but it has faced criticism from audiences.

  • Law enforcement say it could be useful, but the risks may outweigh the potential benefits.

On December 14, 2022, the TikTok account for a brand called Savor, which sells organization and storage products, uploaded a video of a person thumbing through a folder sold by the brand. A voiceover said it was filled with items intended to be used in case the person went missing, including a hair sample, a set of fingerprints, and a list of people police should question.

The folder used is sold on Savor’s website as the “In Case I Go Missing” binder, priced at $46.95.

Savor’s clip quickly went viral, receiving over 10 million views and thousands of comments. Some encouraged the idea and gave advice on additional items they thought belonged in the binder.

In a series of follow-up videos, @Savor.It.All responded to the advice from comments, adding a cheek swab and an updated hair sample.

Jennifer McAllister-Nevins, the 52-year-old founder and co-CEO of Savor, told Insider in an email statement that when her father was in hospital she was asked what medication he took, and she didn’t know the answer. The brand developed the “Family Emergency Collection,” which the binder is part of, to help people be “prepared for any situation,” she said.

But a lot of viewers were critical of the concept, suggesting it was playing off irrational fears, romanticizing the idea of being a crime victim, and offering counterproductive advice. A number of users stitched

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Berbagi Dengan Masyarakat, Bank Mandiri Ramaikan Festival Cap Go Meh 2023

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, PONTIANAK – Bank Mandiri turut andil dalam Festival Cap Go Meh 2023 di Pontianak yang sudah dua tahun terakhir ditiadakan karena pandemi Covid-19.

Kehadiran Bank Mandiri dan insan Mandirian dalam Festival yang diikuti Komunitas MABT, serta warga Pontianak tersebut merupakan bentuk apresiasi kepada masyarakat atas dukungan yang diberikan kepada perseroan selama ini.

Perayaan Cap Go Meh merupakan tradisi etnis Tionghoa yang dirayakan setiap tanggal 15 sesuai dalam penanggalan Tionghoa yang menjadi penutup rangkaian perayaan tahun baru Imlek.

Adapun, kegiatan dalam perayaan Cap Go Meh 2574 dimulai dari Naga Buka Mata hingga Pawai Naga Bersinar dan digelar selama satu pekan sejak 31 Januari – 5 Februari 2023.

Menurut Wakil Direktur Utama Bank Mandiri Alexandra Askandar, pihaknya melihat Festival ini sebagai sebuah warisan budaya bangsa yang membentuk identitas Bangsa Indonesia yang plural.

Berbagi Dengan Masyarakat, Bank Mandiri Ramaikan Festival Cap Go Meh 2023.
Berbagi Dengan Masyarakat, Bank Mandiri Ramaikan Festival Cap Go Meh 2023. (TRIBUNFILE/ISTIMEWA)

Tak hanya itu, pihaknya juga sangat menghargai Etnis tionghoa yang telah banyak berkontribusi untuk pembangunan di Indonesia.

“Kami berharap kehadiran dan dukungan kami dalam festival ini dapat diterima dan menjadi penguat relasi yang telah terjalin baik antara Bank Mandiri dan warga Pontianak,” kata Alexandra di Pontianak, Senin (6/2/2023).

• Buah Digitalisasi! Keberhasilan Transformasi Bisnis Bank Mandiri Menciptakan Values Baru

Dalam kesempatan itu, Alexandra ikut mendampingi Menteri BUMN Erick Thohir yang menikmati atraksi khas Festival Cap Go Meh berupa pawai naga dan barongsai.   

Festival Cap Go Meh 2023 diramaikan dengan 65 tenant Pontianak Food Festival, 26 naga replika, Lomba mewarnai dan melukis untuk anak-anak, serta pawai naga sebanyak 26 naga replika dan barongsai sebanyak 20 barongsai.

Bank Mandiri ikut serta dalam menyemarakkan dengan menghadirkan satu replika dengan ukuran panjang 62 m yang diberi nama Vois Dragon Sport.

Vois Dragon Sport merupakan naga replica terpanjang kedua yang diikutsertakan dalam acara Cap Go Meh 2574.

“Penamaan Naga Replica Vois Dragon

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Creatd Announces Application for Initial Listing of OG Collection, Inc. on Upstream Ahead of Special Dividend

Classified in: Science and technology, Business

  • The Company has submitted an application to list the shares of its subsidiary, OG Collection, Inc., on Upstream
  • OG Collection is expected to be spun out to shareholders in the first half of 2023

NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Creatd, Inc. (OTCQB: CRTD) (“Creatd” or the “Company”), a creator-first technology company, today announced that it has begun the application process to list the shares of its subsidiary, OG Collection, Inc. (“OG Collection”), on Upstream. As part of the registered spin-off, a special dividend will be issued to all shareholders of Creatd as of a soon-to-be-announced record date. Upstream is the revolutionary trading app for digital securities powered by Horizon Fintex (“Horizon”) and MERJ Exchange Limited (“MERJ”).

The spin-off transaction will be subject to various conditions, including the ability of OG Collection, Inc. at the time of distribution to comply with applicable Delaware law and registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and, if successful, would eventually result in two standalone public companies. Management’s intention is to publicly list OG Collection, Inc. via an initial listing only on Upstream, and will consider dual listing in the future.

The planned listing on Upstream is designed to provide OG Collection the opportunity to access a global, digital-first investor base that can trade using USDC digital currency along with credit, debit, PayPal, and USD, unlocking liquidity and enhancing price discovery while globalizing the opportunity to invest in Creatd’s subsidiary, the OG Collection media library and Web 3.0 business. These actions are expected to force a full count of shares in the marketplace, as the spin-off is limited to shareholders as of a to-be-announced record date.

Commenting on the application to list OG Collection on Upstream, Jeremy Frommer, CEO and Chairman of

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DOJ Subpoenas Mike Pence for Information on Trump Plot to Overturn Election

It’s currently unclear whether Pence will comply with the subpoena request or try to invoke executive privilege.

Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing a two-pronged investigation into former President Donald Trump, has subpoenaed Trump’s former vice president, Mike Pence.

Smith’s investigation is looking into Trump’s removal of classified documents from the White House and his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election after his loss to President Joe Biden. His subpoena of Pence is focused on the latter of those two inquiries.

According to reports from several news outlets, Smith requested that Pence hand over any documents in his possession relating to the attempted overturn of the 2020 election. Smith also wants Pence to testify on Trump’s motivations during the end of 2020 and the start of 2021.

It’s unclear whether Pence will comply with the subpoena or try to invoke executive privilege, which could send the matter to a lengthy review process within the federal court system. Though Pence has been critical of Trump in the years since they departed office, he risks upsetting the conservative voter base he’ll need to win a potential GOP primary for 2024 if he complies with Smith’s subpoena.

Pence has been uncooperative with requests to testify in other inquiries relating to the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol building and Trump’s attempts to overturn the election. Though several former members of his staff testified before the January 6 committee, Pence refused to do so, arguing that the legislative branch had “no right” to his testimony.

The subpoena demonstrates that the DOJ’s

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UAE Central Bank cancels licence of health insurance company for non-compliance – News

The company is a third-party administration service company providing medical benefit and claims administration services

Published: Mon 6 Feb 2023, 10:01 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Feb 2023, 2:42 PM

The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) on Monday said it has cancelled the licence of Iris Health Services for not complying with the applicable guidelines.

The regulator said the licence has been cancelled in “accordance with the applicable instructions and procedures for licensing health insurance third party administrators and regulation and control of their business.”

The company is a third-party administration service company providing medical benefit and claims administration services.

The Central Bank has been strictly monitoring the practice of the local insurance sector to ensure that all the companies adhere to the local laws.

In June 2022, it had imposed an administrative sanction on two insurance companies for failure to meet its regulatory obligations. One of the firms was prohibited from issuing additional insurance policies to new customers for one year.

In December last year, new guidelines were issued for the insurance sector to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Companies operating in the insurance sector – including insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers – were given one month time to comply with the new regulations.

The Central Bank on Monday said it would ensure that all insurance companies and professions related to insurance companies comply with the UAE laws and regulations adopted by the regulator in order to safeguard the transparency and integrity of the insurance industry and the UAE financial system.


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Exclusive: Widow’s 911 call before James Smith Cree Nation murders reveals prior violence

Twenty-four hours before the massacre at James Smith Cree Nation, Skye Sanderson called 911 to report her husband, saying she was “scared” because he was known to be violent.

The next day, 11 people were killed and 18 injured, and Skye’s husband Damien, and his brother Myles Sanderson, were accused of committing one of Canada’s worst-ever mass murders.

Global News has obtained the full 911 call, which lasted three minutes and 44 seconds, that Skye made at about 4 a.m. on Sept. 3, and the accompanying occurrence report, under a Privacy Act request.

Listen to the 911 call below:

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The call confirms what Skye told Global News in an exclusive interview in September: that she’d asked the RCMP for help to locate Damien, believing him to be drunk and unstable, and asked them to keep looking until they found him. But it also reveals that Skye informed the RCMP of his violent streak.

“I’m scared because I have several domestic charges against him, and he hasn’t been picked up yet,” Skye calmly tells the operator.

Click to play video: 'Damien Sanderson’s widow’s 911 call before James Smith Cree Nation murders'

Damien Sanderson’s widow’s 911 call before James Smith Cree Nation murders

Damien was absolved of his role in the murders shortly after Skye told Global News that she believed he too had been killed by Myles. However, RCMP said at the time that both brothers were involved in planning the massacre.

On Sept. 3, Damien had stolen Skye’s car and was driving around harassing her family. When the car was eventually located, Damien gave RCMP members a fake name. The RCMP was aware he had outstanding warrants for his arrest but did not ask him for identification.

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Skye maintains that had her warnings been heeded and Damien asked for identification, the murders may never have

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NVDA blue box offered short-term buying opportunity


In this technical blog, we will look at the past performance of 1-hour Elliott Wave Charts of NVDA. We presented to members at the elliottwave-forecast. In which, the rally from the 28 December 2023 low unfolded as an impulse structure. And showed a higher high sequence favored more upside extension to take place. Therefore, we advised members not to sell the stock & buy the dips in 3, 7, or 11 swings at the blue box areas. We will explain the structure & forecast below:

NVDA 1-hour Elliott Wave chart from 2/05/2023


Here’s the 1hr Elliott wave chart from the 2/05/2023 Weekend update. In which, the short-term cycle from the 1/31/2023 low ended in wave 1 at $219.49 high. Down from there, the stock made a pullback in wave 2 to correct that cycle. The internals of that pullback unfolded as Elliott wave zigzag structure where wave ((a)) ended at $207.89 low. Wave ((b)) bounce ended at $217.45 high. And wave ((c)) managed to reach the blue box area at $206.04- $2198.85 equal legs area.
From there, buyers were expected to appear looking for the next leg higher or for a 3 wave bounce minimum.

NVDA latest 1-hour Elliott Wave chart from 2/10/2023

Above is the Latest 1hr Elliott wave Chart from the 2/10/2023 Post-market update. We can see the stock is showing a strong reaction higher right after ending the zigzag correction within the blue box area. This allowed members to create a risk-free position shortly after taking the long position at the blue box area. It already made a new high above $219.49 high & confimred the next extension higher. Now as far as it remains above $206.04 low another new high towards $237- $245 area is expected to take place before entering

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Eight arrested for million dollar theft of Apple products – Attorney General Rob Bonta announced | Alabama

(The Center Square) – In a press statement released by California Attorney General Rob Bonta on organized retail theft, it was revealed that for every $1 billion in sales, retailers lose around $700,000.

Bonta revealed that his latest prosecution relates to eight individuals who had been arrested and charged for organized theft of products from primarily Apple retail stores across California amounting to approximately $1 million. The suspects allegedly hit stores in Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Alabama and Georgia as well.

The Attorney General expressed his gratitude for the work in this case. “I want to thank our law enforcement partners, including the California Highway Patrol, for their work in apprehending these suspects, and for our continued collaborative efforts to end organized retail theft. With these charges, we’re moving forward to hold these defendants accountable.”

The alleged crimes involved the individuals entering the Apple stores, restraining employees and customers, and stealing iphones and tablets worth tens of thousands of dollars from each outlet between August of last year and January 2023.

The persecution came “as a result of a collaborative multi-agency investigation that included the California Highway Patrol’s Organized Retail Theft Crimes Task Force (ORCTF), Oakland Police Department, Riverside Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) San Francisco Field Office, and the U.S. Marshal’s Office (Northern Division).”

“The California Highway Patrol’s partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, along with our private industry, continue to result in arrests and recovery of millions of dollars in stolen products,” California Highway Patrol, Golden Gate Division Chief Ezery Beauchamp said.  “I would like to recognize the incredible work done by all those involved and acknowledge the Attorney General’s Office for their ongoing support and determination to prosecute these cases.”

In recent years Apple Stores has seen a spate of smash-and-grab

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The Green Book Helped Black Motorists Survive America’s Highways During Jim Crow

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Pixabay/Courtesy of HarperCollins/Library of Congress

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Pixabay/Courtesy of HarperCollins/Library of Congress

Road trips with my family were always adventurous while I was growing up. They served as miniature portals to other worlds where I could gather stories of cultures and livelihoods outside my own. I could experience a quick sampling of a series of alternative realities as an observer in a lengthy car ride.

On our regular trips to the Smoky Mountains, Florida beaches, Disney World, or Nickelodeon Studios, my brother and I lived the best lives that kids could from the backseat. We brought toys, played games, and drank Kool-Aid Bursts or Mondo Squeezers that were packed in the cooler with the rest of the food. Our innocence was centered around each pasture of cows we’d come across or typical, petty sibling fights that ensued because one of us always invaded the other’s personal space.

Despite being born two decades after national protests against Jim Crow laws during the Civil Rights movement, our innocence while traveling dwindled. As the years went on, our trips changed. We became more aware of the small towns we’d pass through, where our parents would not stop to let us grab food or use the restroom—even towns just 30 minutes away from where we lived. My brother—five years older than me—started driving first, and the family always took an anxious pause whenever he was pulled over by a cop or prepared to drive off to college in Tennessee.

Driving the Green Book: A Road Trip Through the Living History of Black Resistance by Alvin Hall details the origin of The Negro Motorist Green Book and provides an intricate timeline of racial segregation in America. In the midst of being separate, and certainly not treated as equals, Black Americans had to find a

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